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Oxycodone is a specialized medicine that has been formulated to be basically a painkiller and give relief from very high and severe pains, this medicine was developed with the sole purpose to treat mild, a little medium as well as very severe pain.

The drug oxycodone was originally developed in many years back, although it is a wonderful painkiller and extracts all the pain like magic, the oxycodone high dosage has disproportionate and extreme side effects which could also get fatal. Therefore, it is advised to never to use it without a proper prescription from a medical professional or your family physician.

This drug is often also used for several other purposes than just being a normal painkiller, oxycodone can also be prescribed by your general physician when he is treating his patient for other fatal diseases. This drug is also used to cure diarrhea, diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis,post-herpetic neuralgia, gynecological surgery and unilateral knee arthroplasty , it is only the dosage of the medicine that changes, keeping in mind how severe is a particular disease, but even then extra care is taken that it does not result in an oxycodone high dosage.

That this oxycodone medicine is a boon for so many diseases is just one side of the entire story, the darker and more graveside of the story says that this drug is habit forming, oxycodone high dosage alters the human brain in such a way that they get an oxycodone addiction, the person mentally and physically gets dependent on this drug, the mind of the addict starts to rely more and more on this medicine and the person develops a deep craving for this drug and it becomes impossible then to stay away from it.

Oxycodone is a high alert drug, which generally comes in the form of tablets. These tablets are like magic, when they are broken, or chewed for a long time or even if crushed, they cause an immense amount of oxycodone to be released, that results in an oxycodone high dosage that is certainly very harmful, also if an oxycodone addiction is clubbed with alcohol and some interacting drugs then it might also be a cause of death.

Oxycodone addiction has a lot of severe side effects, which are listed here: severe breathing problems, Euphoria, loss of memory, nausea, loss of vision, Insomnia, diaphoresis, pruritus, it can even lead to impotence.

Any drug is useful only in a limit, the excess of anything is hazardous, be it an oxycodone addiction or something else.

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