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It’s difficult to comprehend how difficult it must be to lead a normal life amidst constant and excruciating chronic pain. The despair a person feels when he is unable to complete the most menial of everyday tasks. Having to rely on others to help you through your daily activities because of your helplessness. Slowly though this frustration starts to increase. And suddenly you start snapping at people you work with or your family members. You do not mean to hurt anyone but still manage to do so, as the pain becomes unbearable. It’s time to find a way out of this vicious circle. It’s time to manage your pain with Oxycodone and try to regain the normality in your life.

Oxycodone is an opioid used as an analgesic for medium to severe levels of pain. For moderate to severe level pain Tylenol and aspirin are not effective. Hence Oxycodone is used in the treatment of patients suffering from medium to severe pain. Oxycodone is an opioid used as an analgesic for medium to severe levels of pain.

Do not use this Oxycodone 5mg if you suffer from asthma/breathing problems or blocks in stomach/intestines. Take this medicine strictly as per prescription as it could be habit forming, and you could exhibit Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms. Be in constant contact with your physician so that he can monitor your progress. Share with your doctor if you suffer from depression/mental disorder/bipolar disorder/psychosis/seizures amongst others. According to FDA pregnancy category C, this drug could cause severe complications in a baby. So inform your physician if you intend on getting pregnant. Also, Oxycodone affects breast milk. Therefore you must not breastfeed if you are under medication. As it’s a narcotic and habit-forming, keep it away from young children. This medication is only for adults.

It’s important to use as per prescription. Carefully read and follow the instructions given on the prescription label. For the extended release pill, ensure that you swallow the pill. Do not consume it in any other way. You must not discontinue use of this medication without first confirming with your physician.A person who is under this drug treatment is highly suggested to be in continuous communication with his/her physician while taking Oxycodone to avoid threatening drug effects that might be encountered. Contact your physician if you feel there has been no effect on managing your pain.

Store the medicine at room temperature. It must be kept in a clean, dry space away from light and moisture. Keep the medication in a secure place so that it’s accessible only to you, cause its habit forming and could affect others. If you forget a dose, you should take it immediately or directly take the next dose. Do not consume more medication to as this is a habit forming medication.

Common side effects include drowsiness/dizziness, stomach pain/upset stomach/constipation, loss of appetite, weight change, insomnia, decreased sex drive.

How to buy?

The best way is to buy Oxycodone online as Oxycodone street value could be exorbitant. One of the great advantages of buying Oxycodone acetaminophen online is that it’s possible to purchase in bulk quantities as per need.

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